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The stormtrooper TK421 from the first star wars film, he lives in dorm 22 with his best friends, James.E.Clumperboots, Short Hat, Creg and randomoid. his worst enemy is Commander veers (who is a fag according to the stormtroopers and likes in in the poop chute) ,also has a pokemon brother called jamie tuff who is an annoying wigglytuff.
troopy is going to totally waste clumperboots at virtual pingu racer.
by eddie and jimmy cooke January 28, 2005
When someone is tripping on acid and has to poop or is pooping.
"Have you guys seen Cody?'
'Yeah he took his acid then was feeling kinda troopy, he's in the bathroom."
by Yonkers23 June 03, 2014