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Natural, non-surgically-enhanced breasts. Generally a compliment, especially when the troobs in question are large or of good quality. Most notable when discovered on a model or porn actress. A portmanteau formed from the words "true" and "boob".
As I watched her walk down the runway, I noticed that she had an impressive pair of troobs.
by Rated P.G. January 24, 2009
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A combination of troll and noob. Used to differentiate between elder trolls and new trolls.
Forum Regular: Shut up, troob.
by Khadgar November 18, 2007
nickname of Keith Scott, Canadian and guitarist for Bryan Adams. Is a short version of the nickname troubadour which was given to him by Mutt Lange.
Look at Troob over there, he sure knows how to rock a stadium.
by Badfreak March 24, 2008
The word "Troob" is a mix of "True" and "Noob".
Man, the idiot who tried to rush our base was a troob..
by Ben Sch. June 28, 2006
A triangular boob
Man that girls got huge troobs
by Ripcurlfro November 17, 2008
Triangle boobs
Sophie's got the troobs!
by udderluvver August 26, 2013
Another word for twat/cunt/bastard etc
God that guy is a complete troob
by Billy Cotton October 16, 2005

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