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a sweet viet guy
hes mah hubbby!
Trong is the best!
by lindsy April 17, 2004
someone who always puts a smile on your face and always keeps you laughing. They are a little slow but are loved by everyone.
"Trong, You so funny."
by Tim Caulley April 04, 2009
Man who walks the earth and has no friends, because he's a RANCH DORITO BOY!
You: Hey Trong.
Trong: Purple Nurple.
by Trong Is Ranch May 24, 2016
means drum in Vietnamese
Trong is played in the performance and it's great
by Trang Nguyen March 21, 2006
when playing beer pong a shot that "rims" out of the cup. also any shot that hits the rim of the cup before going into the cup.
did you see that trong shot?
Yeah it bounced right off the rim!
by peanutbutterjellly March 18, 2007
An extremely stupid creature with a brain the size of a garden snail's eyeball.
Bogswoddle saw a Trong in the forest.
by Bogswoddle October 22, 2003
a thing, that cannot comprehend he's a thing. weird and extremely rare creature.
education is no cure for trong
by TOOHEYS October 24, 2003
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