When your tossing a guys salad and you reach around and jerk him off like your playing a trombone.
"Hey bitch give my a tromboner."
by Steve Winkler January 26, 2005
Top Definition
Being sexually aroused by someone in a band uniform.
Whoa! That cute clarinet player standing on the 40 yard line gives me a tromboner!
by Kram Llahtneb February 06, 2010
A musician that plays the trombone.
(pronounced trum-BONER)
Jeffery is a tromboner.
by hanner_bernanner June 17, 2009
A trombone with its slide fully extended, resembling an erect penis.
Try playing some pedal tones with that tromboner---just be careful. Don't whack that girl in front of you with the slide.
by pentozali October 31, 2010
An ignorant name used by some jealous bastard when that someone see's a trombonist with their trombone, because they think it is funny. usually used by football players, cheerleaders, potheads and people that have no life.
~walk, walk, walk~

footballer- "hey tromboner!" "hahaha"
trombonist- ~mumble~ "douchefuck"
by ~blah, blah, blah~ December 19, 2009
1. The act of receiving a "big one" while playing a trombone (or small one, depending on the person).

2. Getting a "big one" that resembles the shape of a trombone.

3. Getting a "big one" when catching the eye of a particularly attractive or sexy band player who just happens to play the trombone.
Dude 1: Oh crap, man! I just got a tromboner!
Dude 2: Hide it quickly! People might see it's distinct shape!

Dude 1: Man, he/she just gave me a tromboner!
Dude 2: Don't hide it, it's a symbol of pride!
by definerofthewords January 26, 2011
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