slut, skank, whore; woman who gets around
Dang, Brooke is such a trollup. She's scrumpin another guy tonight.
by Amylinn October 03, 2004
Top Definition
1).This word comes from old english terms. It means one who engages in risky activity, casual sex, and promiscuity, then gives you a VD for lovin them.
2).Your ex girlfriend
Dang Stephanie Barone is such a trollup. Can't believe that tramp burnt me.
by Not you February 15, 2005
A slutty skanky whore. Always used as an insult particularly in the nightclub environment. Can also mean getting pissed or drunk.
Dirty Trollup!
You're a trollup!
I'm so trollup.
Man im trollied tonight.
by liquid_ September 27, 2006
A bridge troll thats been hit in the face with a shovel so you can barely make out her face, that whore's herself out as a toll for crossing her bridge.
" I would rather walk around than cross that trollup's bridge! "
by Danny K yeahh June 23, 2006
a trollup (or trollop) is a usually at fat dumb person who acts really gay and camp but isnt. It can also be used as a name.

Sometimes a trollup is obsessed by a totally random thing eg. Lemon
1. that ryan is such a trollup
2. the trollup likes lemons
by yr mum (me) February 05, 2007
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