a trollup (or trollop) is a usually at fat dumb person who acts really gay and camp but isnt. It can also be used as a name.

Sometimes a trollup is obsessed by a totally random thing eg. Lemon
1. that ryan is such a trollup
2. the trollup likes lemons
by yr mum (me) February 05, 2007
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1).This word comes from old english terms. It means one who engages in risky activity, casual sex, and promiscuity, then gives you a VD for lovin them.
2).Your ex girlfriend
Dang Stephanie Barone is such a trollup. Can't believe that tramp burnt me.
by Not you February 15, 2005
slut, skank, whore; woman who gets around
Dang, Brooke is such a trollup. She's scrumpin another guy tonight.
by Amylinn October 03, 2004
A slutty skanky whore. Always used as an insult particularly in the nightclub environment. Can also mean getting pissed or drunk.
Dirty Trollup!
You're a trollup!
I'm so trollup.
Man im trollied tonight.
by liquid_ September 27, 2006
A bridge troll thats been hit in the face with a shovel so you can barely make out her face, that whore's herself out as a toll for crossing her bridge.
" I would rather walk around than cross that trollup's bridge! "
by Danny K yeahh June 23, 2006

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