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Being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it's the internet and, hey, you can.
Guy: "I just found the coolest ninja pencil in existence."
Other Guy: "I just found the most retarded thread in existence."
A female's acute episode of shameful, subhuman behavior induced by powering through your blacked out stupor when you come out from your box under the bridge.
Ew, did you see her trolling it at Sputies last night, she was speaking in noises and droppin drinks all over the place.

Dude, you hooked up with the biggest troll last night..you scooped her off the floor of Lift before you took her home and she puked on your dick.

Remember that night you wandered into our neighbor's room and ripped his sheets off his bed, threw them outside, and tried to get in his boxers..you were trolling.
by queen troll of btv April 08, 2013
The art of deliberately and/or cleverly pissing people off or riling people up, in person or on the internet.

A form of entertainment frequently used by visitors of Fire Island, New York.
"Jason is SUCH a troll," said Alana to her friends Aviva and Zach. He loves trolling 7 year olds and fellow redheads on Fire Island.

I see a man coming. Too Much Trolling! TMT! TMT!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by hipster101 May 27, 2014
Trolling is a method of fishing where one or more false or oxymoron statements, are thrown into a conversation or simple message reply baited with sarcasm and witticism meant to trick, confuse or just insult the recipient
*wearing rubber boots* "your boots untied"

you-"you're kind of dumb for being so cute" recipient- "don't you mean "you're kind of cute for being so dumb' " you- "see! you're so smart, just too damn stupid for your own good" recipient-"are you trolling me right now?" you- " yes you're cute and smart....just kidding, but not really, seriously though,are you catching any of this?" recipient- " you trolled me hard"
by skittlebrain January 30, 2014
Trolling is simple yet has a few different forms:

This is the form thats missing from most definitions:

Deliberately acting as if you dont know about a subject matter and getting the other person to tell you about it. This is done to antagonize the other person. While a 3rd party laughs about it and you and the 3rd person know that you're familiarized with the subject matter.

Mike: OMG i just got the most epic mount in the game dude its bad ass

Alex (has every mount in the game): omg!!!! which one ??!! i wish i had an epic mount

Mike : yea dude i just got it its the empirical dragon. Only comes in 4 colors its amazing ...

Alex wow that is so cool!!!!! wish i had that dragon err what you call it mount.

Chuck to mike: he's trolling you Mike he has that mount in every color lol!!

Mike: what? are you serious?

Alex: lol
person1 : did you know that most doctors have to wash their hands before surgical procedures?

Doctor (troll): Oh really? what do they have to do do tell??

person1: well they have to etc...

Doctor (troll): really didnt know that that is amazing!! Can you tell me something else about doctors?

person3 saying to person1: dude this dude is a doctor he's trolling you so hardcore

person 1: what?? huh? who?

person 3: you just got trolled hardcore..
by Farook Iqbal March 23, 2013
Posting rude and distasteful comments, sometimes for the purpose of a reaction and other times not. Either way it is malicious and whether it is intended or not can have serious consequences. Those who troll will laugh at that, but trolling fosters an environment that leads to more serious abuse also known as cyberbullying where lines are crossed which should never, ever be--like encouraging someone who is suicidal to commit suicide. This is bad humor, and while in your virtual reality it may be funny, in actual reality it's not. It's time to grow up.
See YouTube.com for endless examples of trolling.
by ehenry November 12, 2012
The act of being bothersome or annoying to a group of like-minded people, usually with casual opposition, rather than sincere opposition, to those people's ideals.

Also, usually done over the internet.
The atheist-troll finished his supper, so he decided to do some quick trolling on Facebook, by posting pictures of giant flying spirit monsters labeled "God".
by WeThePreeple April 28, 2012
Intentionally getting a rise out of someone by expressing views or taking actions contrary to common sense or the person's beliefs.
Joe: Damn, I just lost all my money on the stock market due to the recession.

Troll: umad?

Joe: Stop trolling, It is not funny.
by DontUseYourRealNam3 January 24, 2012