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the punishment for someone who fails to make a shot during a doubles game of beer pong. they are then forced to sit under the table for the following game and retrieve balls for the teams who have some sort of skill.
Jack should've been the troll because mike made all 10 cups in the beer pong game. but jack is a bitch and doesn't play by the rules.
by breakaway412 February 16, 2009
A person who is more or less 'fail' most or all of the time. This level of failness can likely be attributed to lack of social skills. Lesser qualities include the occasional consumption of billy goat gruffs, as well as consuming large amounts of alchohol which only increases the amount of failness which the troll distributes. One can only be as much of a troll that is warranted by the amount of failness.
Justin, you can't just ask that female if you may "grab her boobs". And quit drinking all of my beer you fucking troll.
by Jake May 05, 2005
noun. A decidedly hideous individual.
She is such a troll!
by Jabuti37 May 05, 2005
In Scandinavian Folklore, a tall creature with many variations that can include tusks, scales, horns, etc. Solitary and unfriendly. Trolls cannot be killed unless burned in fire.
The troll ate my sheep!
by DeathBunny January 01, 2005
a member of an internet forum who continually harangues and harrasses others. Someone with nothing to add to the party but rather contributes to the downfall consistantly. A person who continually threadjacks or changes the subject of a conversation, as well as thinks every member of the forum is tlaking about htem adn only them.
jymbone; goes by other personas as well.
by left December 08, 2003
Skanky Asian chicks that take advantage of guys with no self esteem but have enough money to pay for their expenses while banging someone else. Trolls will often have a drug and/or alcohol problem and look for victims that have a stocked bar or will supply them with drugs. They tell their victims they love them to get them to do what they want.
That chick has three guys on the hook paying her rent, phone and food but she's doing a guy she met at a bar. What a troll.
by notauser75 June 29, 2011
a fucking cunt of a girl, who is scared of being homosexual and therefor comes out as a homophobe. she looks like a troll and is a total dick head.
that girl is so fucking ugly, she must be a troll!
by shet man July 27, 2009