One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or forum thread with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument or to deliberately piss someone off. irl trolls also exist.
Ben: "I don't understand this shit, fuck you I'm going to sleep -_-"

"Stop trolling Ben!"
by special-ed April 06, 2009
A slang term used to described a Law Enforcement Officer such as a Police Officer or Sheriff's Deputy, etc. Derived in The South from the word "patrol".
Don't look, but there's a troll behind you!
by buddyleo December 06, 2007
A ugly, overweight, old, nasty gay man. Can be one are all of the above
I went to the bar last night, and dang that bouncer was a big troll.
by None work October 23, 2007
A moronic message board poster who post insults and other ridiculous things just to piss off other users. Their posts never relate to the topic and they're always trying to change the subject(unlike flamers, who insult others while staying on topic). Trolls may sometimes have multiple accounts because they keep getting banned or they want to hide their identity. Even, so they're still pretty annoying.
Seattlefuse: Hello, can anyone help me with this puzzle? It's giving me a really hard time.

Megatroll: Suck my balls.*is banned*

Hatman: Fuck me in the ass.*is banned*

Baywatcher: Hey, are you a...
by King of Inland May 03, 2007
A person who posts comments, messages, threads that are stupid and provocative so they can cause arguement. These people are to be ignored at all times.

1.A person who responds to trolls are even more pathetic then the troll his/herself.

2.There are alot of trolls in and
by One Student September 01, 2006
Someone who spams and deliberately tries to annoy other people on a site (usually a message board). They don't hang around for long because people report them immediately. The act of reporting a troll is called 'troll squishing'.
troll: u r all idiots fucking losers!!!!!!!!!!
troll:why should i care you fucking gay loser
*troll is deleted*
person: ah that's better
by SkrewyRebirth March 22, 2006
Someone who posts on forums or message boards intending to provoke people and/or annoy them.
Zephyr has been trolling the boards all day
by Tom Parry November 23, 2003
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