A bitchy and immature girl. In some cases often assumed as a lesbian because they have little to no guy friends, But the truth is they masturbate to pictures of Justin Beiber.
Person 1: Hannah is very cute should i ask her out?
Person 2: Hell no I hate her shes such a fucking troll.
Person 1: How so?
Person 2: She pretends like every guy in the world has AIDS, she hugs and kisses her girlfriends so fucking much! I wonder if shes a lesbian?
Person 1:Nah I heard her talking about Justin Beiber with her friends saying how hot he is.
by Hahahanoobs August 31, 2010
The lowest form of human trash/garbage in public forums throughout the internet.They live and thrive by posting topics and replies that has nothing to do with the subject,mostly to disrupt and cause chaos.

They usually use several accounts to avoid being banned and if they are skilled they are able to hack the forum themselves.Make no mistake though these lower forms of life usually living in their parents basements at age 30 are no more intelligent just because of their talent for hacking and arguing with them does absolutely nothing as they understand little to nothing about common society.
friend:"Damn..this stupid troll won't get the fuck out of my forum!"

me:just keep banning him and tell your members to ignore him,trolls don't understand human speech.
by Lance51K April 29, 2009
the punishment for someone who fails to make a shot during a doubles game of beer pong. they are then forced to sit under the table for the following game and retrieve balls for the teams who have some sort of skill.
Jack should've been the troll because mike made all 10 cups in the beer pong game. but jack is a bitch and doesn't play by the rules.
by breakaway412 February 16, 2009
A person who is more or less 'fail' most or all of the time. This level of failness can likely be attributed to lack of social skills. Lesser qualities include the occasional consumption of billy goat gruffs, as well as consuming large amounts of alchohol which only increases the amount of failness which the troll distributes. One can only be as much of a troll that is warranted by the amount of failness.
Justin, you can't just ask that female if you may "grab her boobs". And quit drinking all of my beer you fucking troll.
by Jake May 05, 2005
noun. A decidedly hideous individual.
She is such a troll!
by Jabuti37 May 05, 2005
Usually an older, fat homosexual who can no longer attract a trick but wants to watch or interrupt those who are tricking. Often seen in secluded areas where there are public homosexual acts.
Jake had just gone down on his knees to give Tyrone some head, when out of nowhere walks up this fat troll.
by Richard Black February 27, 2005
In Scandinavian Folklore, a tall creature with many variations that can include tusks, scales, horns, etc. Solitary and unfriendly. Trolls cannot be killed unless burned in fire.
The troll ate my sheep!
by DeathBunny January 01, 2005

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