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An invasion by a group from one message board to another message board, with a goal of disrupting, spamming, and ridiculing the new board until death, IP banning or board crashing. got punched in the mouth by in their last troll train.
by September 10, 2003
Group of people trolling for the sake of lulz to be had.
Those kids just started up a Troll Train and made that woman cry!
by AfroChris July 11, 2011
The Troll Train, Derives From the word Trullus Trainial, which in term dipicts the greek hero Trollculease, who was a fierce fighter in the battle of Troy.

This man was somewhat deformed, had long pointy ears, and a body that looked like a train carriage, thus bringing this hero to life as:

Train Troll

1240 - 1032 Bc
"Rest Well Dear Troll"
The Svenska Troll From aberdeen,
The Italian Troll from Berlin,
The Train with a troll painted on the side from Scunthorpe,uk
by Tim August 18, 2004
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