My best friend ever!!
Last night was just me, my girl, and faithful ol' Trojan Man.
by Not a Daddy February 10, 2005
Top Definition
A real American hero.
Trojan Man saved me from becoming a daddy.
by Matt August 28, 2004
The only guy that can be decked out in rubber and still gets all the chicks.
The more protective seal around your penis.
"See that chick the Trojan man was with"
"The trojan man was too big for Tyler and Bo-Bo and their love making."
by Sexy Scott January 28, 2005
a type of condom
This Trojan Man helps!
by ddref May 24, 2004
a remake to soulja boys crank dat very funny bye a rapper named snika who no ones ever heard of.
ahhhhhhhhh trojan man up on my dick put it on and fuck yo chick cus once i got my c strapped up im bustin on dat bitch and you crank dat trojan man you crank dat trojan man you crank dat trojan man you crank dat trojan man
#soulja #boy #snicka #bitch #bustin #very #funny #shit
by big Chad April 27, 2008
catalina high schools mascot
trojan man is my schools mascot!
by ken November 17, 2004
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