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A troger is when a person is so ugly, they are a mix between a troll and an ogre.
"Look at that girls face! What a trogre!"
by Sabrina January 15, 2005
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A 5'1", as wide as she is tall female that is quite clumsy and pathetic, resembling the offspring of a troll and an ogre. Quite fond of WoW, and being spoken "gremlin" too.
Damn, look at that girl Anna, she is a total trogre.
by k'bingballet June 02, 2011
A troll + an ogre. Commonly seen in the mirror the morning after a night of excessive drinking.
Today I am hungover and look like a trogre
by Mr Shankly April 10, 2011
a troll and an ogres offspring, very stupid and clumsy.
Joe Lusco is a fat trogre.
by shrimmy November 26, 2009

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