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TRISTI: Foul odor which blows out a vehicle door, upon opening ..AFTER secretly pigging out on Micky Dee's all afternoon with the windows closed ..as to not get busted by the Weight Watchers cops. Usually never works.
Obese Woman: Mmmmmmmm...6 BigMacs, 4 QuarterPounders with Cheese, 5 Filet-o-Flish, 7 Large Fries, 4 Chicken Sammiches, 15 Decorative Napkins (for fiber), 10 Hot Apple Pies and 12 regular Pepsi's... Heeheee...No one will ever know....heheheee ...Ooooh..Ahhhhhh...Life is Goooooooooooooood!!!

WW COPS: BUSTED!!! ma'am, slowly remove your Ass from the vehicle..

Obese Woman: opens door, and...**POOOOF** ..a "Tristi" blows out..WWCop falls over..Obese woman escapes with car seat attached to arse..

by IndianaMario CEO2005 February 24, 2006
A somewhat attractive woman who eats herself into the exact likeness of an Enormous Buffalo, complete with horns, hump and mullet. May be found lumbering around book stores munching tasty low carb diet books. Always, totes a Bible for a quick, nutritious snack. The tristi will ravage your life with false friendship, lies, and extreme vindictive nature. May display profuse drueling on GAP shirt, snort vugarities in a stuttering fashion and have a 666 emblazoned somewhere on the hind-quarters. Resulting in comments from behind, like, "OMG!!! My eyes are bleeding!!!"
Almost extinct, however, a new monstrous specie was resently observed roaming and stalking residents of St. Charles, Illinois...
Man on cell with 911:
Damn! I caught that Humungous Buffalo keying my car in Micky D's parking lot...it pulverized my foot and stole my Big Mac!!! *limps away*
by Editor in Chief April 29, 2005