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Verb: The naturally ocurring phenomenon of human hair loss. Human equivalent of shedding.
Suggest usage:
"Man, my floor is full of trissings!"
"I fucking hate it when girls triss"
by ouroboros October 01, 2014
Verb: to triss, trissing, trissed
to triss about, a trisser

To overdo your grooming, especially with make-up and hair
To primp and preen like a princess to the extent of fussiness... and to the point of making everyone wait for them.
Most people triss on their wedding day, fair enough, but a trisser will do this every time they go partying.

Obsessive grooming: too much make-up, too much hair spray, just too perfect.
Partyboy: We're gonna be late, where's that Glissandra? (drag queen)
Hairy Jeff: She's still trissing about in the bathroom.
by jujickson January 24, 2014
To kiss two other people at once; a three person kiss.
Jenna trissed Johnny and Eli at the bowling alley that night.
by Bigdaddykatmonkey7 October 07, 2015
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