1.something that is so awesome that anyone will love it and can enjoy it!
2.also someone can be triptasticalacious
3. a drug that can make u so high it is considered triptasticalacious
4.a girl who is very sexy
1.jeffery- woa dude that hill would be so triptasticalacious to longboard down

2.man my teacher mrs. clason is so triptasticalacious, she let us do anything we wanted for a whole hour!

3.woaaaaa!!!! dude this pineapple express is so triptasticalacious i dont think i can handle anymore.

4.kelly- wtf are u looking at her ass for!?!

jeffery- hey im sorry she was just so triptasticalacious i couldnt help it
by tasche-ness March 30, 2009
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