For college students, it refers to the late night trips to the library; late night studying at the library or any study hall facility
"Hey what are you doing?"

"I'm just tripping until I finish my essay."
by VicePres June 25, 2009
complete understanding
I tripped on acid and found the meaning of the universe.
by 420 April 17, 2004
The time in between the meeting and/or introduction of two people, and when they officially form into a couple.

During this time, both both members hold amourous feelings for each other, but have yet to admit it, and to others may appear to already be a couple.

Similar to being friends with benefits.
Don't you think it's sweet? They were tripping for the longest time until one day, he presented her with a rose..
by Tsuyuko January 07, 2006
When you are acting as if dased, cncotrllable of your actions, possibly drunk, or after the consumption of drugs.
Nigga I aint trippin', it was only 2 pounds.
by Monty January 03, 2004
usually feeling in a state of disarray or seeing a whole bunch of colors and wierd organic shapes that turn into things affects of Acid or LSD
dude i was tripping when i saw that Pink Floyd movie "The Wall"
by josh September 16, 2003
when one does something clumsy resulting in the falling on one's face or butt. usually an embarassing occurance.
She was tripping all over the place and hurt herself badly.
by a white brotha November 01, 2004
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