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A term used to describe a person who excessivly uses emoticons on instant messaging programs such as MSN.
Jim: (smiley) hey (smiley)
Bob: Man, your such an emoticon whore.
by Monty June 19, 2006
Fat Upper Vaginal Area for females, or FFA-Full Frontal Ass in males. When someone is so fat, it looks as if they have a beachball stuffed in the front of their pants. This condition often keeps the afflicted from seeing their genitals without the aid of a mirror. It is recommended that you avoid any sexual contact whatsoever with anyone suffering from FFA or FUVA. It is not contagious, but very disgusting.
Her FUVA is so out of control.
by Monty April 28, 2004
Obsession of shameless self-publicist slashy_slash
Can you believe Slashy is STILL mad for Chubby Bana?
by Monty April 17, 2005
When you insert the neck of a bottle of blue mouthwash up your ass and do a hand stand.
"hmm" George said to Steve...."minty freash"
by Monty April 01, 2005
very, extremely, to a high degree
Damn! It is buttass cold out here!
by monty June 14, 2004
Located in Burlington, Ontario Canada this is one massive mountain. It is not that tall but don't let that fool you, it pretty damn big. Famous for eating and vomiting erasers. If you plan on visiting Mt. weber, prepare for severe sweating and a vile smell.
My god! Mount Weber is about to erupt! ......and what is that smell?
by Monty April 15, 2004

one that over analyses everything to an extent where it frustrates everyone in contact with the being.
"He's over analysing things again, the dope. He's doing an Ex-Nor!"
by monty January 06, 2004

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