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The highest level of tripping.
Completely freaking out. Usually crazy ass drugs are involved.
I took some acid and extacy at the same time last night...I was trippin balls man.
by FlamingGuts May 23, 2006
a higher level of tripin out
I was trippin balls waching Alice In
Wonderland last night.

Originated in Naples FL
by Nick Santora April 11, 2005
When a person is high out of their minds. Sometimes occurs at work.
Cokehead:"Shloppty bleh"
Poindexter:"Dude! Cokehead is trippin' balls!"
by Shintopriest February 22, 2004
When drugs have taken over your mind, and you no longer control what you see or say.
Or forget why you are doing or saying.
Hallucination, new understandings.
Guy 1: You alright mate ?
Guy 2: Excellent mate, just trippin balls, seein pixies throwin swedgers about the place.
Guy 1: nice
by oreikobsa March 23, 2009
A type of high thats so intense, you freak out. If you can get to this state of mind, you didn't just smoke some pot, you did Lsd , cocaine, or some other type of heavy drug.

Also known as to "Trip Balls"
I just did some acid and im totally trippin balls.
by Brett LeBeau June 03, 2006
The result of a large intake of shrooms or acid, often in conjunction with any number of other drugs (i.e. pot, heroin, coke)
Me: Dude this movie sucks.
Dan: I'm trippin' balls.
Me: What the hell is wrong with you.
by Tripper November 16, 2004
After taking a certain amount of psychedelics, one's mind begins to lose focus on the fabrics of reality, you look in their bloodshot eyes and its clear they are in their own world, and completely fucked up. Most commonly occurs on acid, shrooms or other hallucinogens like dmt
Dude 1: Where am I??? What am I? Aaaaaaargh this is fun!

Dude 2: Woah man, and I thought I was trippin balls....
by offtheplanet July 19, 2009
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