dont get high on them
I had a bad Trip yo on triple c's.
by bad tripper October 20, 2007
Triple C", sometimes also known on the street as "skittles" (due to the fact that they typically come in the form of a small red pill, similiar in appearance to the candy), comes from "Coriciden Cold and Cough", an over-the-counter cough medicine containing the drug Dextromethorphan. (Sometimes referred to as DXM)

The pills have become increasingly popular as a recreational drug due to it's legality and the high which can be obtained by taking excessive dosages (typically 8 to 16 pills, although some users take even more). Exceeding the recommended dosage (usually 1 or 2 pills) will often cause nausea, and can occasionally result in very serious injury (such as liver damage) or death.

(Note: I am a paramedic, and have seen first-hand the consequences of overdosing on DXM. This is not propaganda or myth... the last patient I hauled who'd overdosed on them, ended up in a very serious heart arrythmia which nearly caused his heart to stop. He also suffered from some permanent liver and kidney damage. Believe the warnings.)
"I took some Triple C's and now I'm tripping."
by Jason Blum EMT-P December 12, 2005
Stands for Coricidin Cough & Cold. Coricidin. Over the counter cough pills. Extremely fun drug and it feels AMAZING.

They're little red pills used for people who have high blood pressure. Dextromorphan (DMX) is the chemical inside them used to get you high. Take about an hour to set in. Only take about 8 your first time.

Don't do Triple cs too much. They ARE highly addictive over time and will eat away your stomach lining. They fuck with your head. Be careful with them.

You see trippy shit when you close your eyes on them. The trip is about 7-8 hours long. It's easy to act straight around the parents.

get a floating/flying feeling when tripping. numb and your teeth chatter a little sometimes. You are EXTREMELY sedated on this drug.
HOLY SHIT you guys! I just saw a hot dog sliding down a fire pole!

"shit dude she's on triple cs"
by saaaaaam! December 04, 2006
Corcidin Cough, Cold and Congestion. A risky source of the dissacosiative drug Dextromethorphan (DXM) which produces sedative effects and a trippy high, but contains CPM another active ingredient which can cause problems breathing. There have been several instances of overdose from corcidin.
I popped a few tripple cs and now Im feelin trippy.
by Laddy January 17, 2005
triple c is corciden somthin who gives a fuck, a bunch of retatrds in the world do it alot cause they get there little buzz, but theres 2 things they dont realize, one that dxm kicks farmore ass then they realize because its only really safe to take about 8 to ten triple c's(try taking 700mg of dxm)
two that triple c kills, it will happen like this, "man trippin on triple c isnt as fun as it youst to be, well lets take a couple more than uasal...

later in the hospital or morge "man i shouldnt have done them skittles"
man im dieng...ack

see also "death wish"

suck it up and drink that nasty tasting syrup, far more dxm with far less chance of death.

by ken March 08, 2005

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