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"Triple-Chaser" is the Triple-Chaser Grenade, that consists of three separate canisters pressed together with separating charges between each. When deployed, the canisters separate and land approximately 20 feet apart allowing increased area coverage in a short period of time. This grenade can be hand thrown or launched from a fired delivery system. The grenade is 6.5 in. by 2.7 in., cylinder-shaped, and holds an approximately 3.2 oz. of active agent payload. It has an approximate burn time of 20-30 seconds. It can have 3 different types of active agent inside due to modification: CS, CN, or smoke-producing compound "Saf-Smoke". Designed specifically for outdoor use in crowd management situations.
Flashbangs, CS Triple-Chasers. Not sure how they'd work on walkers, but we'll take it. (from "The Walking Dead" 3-d season, episode 1).
by Wordkeeper October 22, 2012
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