Coriciden Cough and Cold, or a generic off-brand of little red pills that have 30 mg of dextromethorphen in each pill. This ingredient makes you trip.
The lowest amount that gets you high is 8 pills. The more fucked up you want to get, you add two pills.
My friends and I are supersticious about taking an odd number of pills, so we trip on doses such as 8,10,12,14,16,18,20 and etc.

Each box contains 16 pills. It is very easy to steal, and is rarely paid for.
I dont advise you to try it, this drug might sound stupid but it really does fuck you up and make you crazy.
You might have withdrawals from it and you could get you addicted. You will do stupid shit and look pretty stupid when you are high on this shit. Its fun, but careful with that shit.
lauren: "im trippin my fuckin balls of on these C's"
"fuck those triple C's dude"
by dapillmasta January 16, 2010
coricidin hbp high blood pressure
sold in walgreens,cvs,and other pharamcys.
i took 6 the first time it was ok.
second time 10 it was crazy i was tripping hard and the third time i took 14 and ended up in the hospitial xD
its an amazing high;

dont take more than 16 on your first try.
can cause brain damage and liver damage.
*whatt? huh. holy shit look at the rainbow.

*wtf? there is not rainbow shit shes trippin balls on triple c.
by Katie; July 16, 2008
Clorocidin, small red cough and cold pills that are sold over the counter when eaten, make you trip and discover everything there is to know about life
I just ate some Triple C's and and now ill turn you into a chesseburger
by Johnny Robitussin August 25, 2003
a small round red pill that can be purchased at a few pharmacies but most places, like Wall Mart and CVS do not carry it because it is often used to have a strange and unique trip. The store brand name is Coricidin cough and cold (any other coricidin pill will have no effect and some can make you throw up repeatedly. over dosing on It is relatively safe unless you use it often. The first time you try this for fun you should only take 8 (half the box) and after that you can move up as you feel comfortable doing so. This pill also has many risks. If you do it a lot t can create holes in your brian similar to meth would. also it can become addictive and your body can gain immunities with make you feel the need to take more witch can cause liver or kidney failure.

Hey man i stole a box of triple c from Publix you wanna trip with me? its really awesome
by tripleccccSSSSSSS are fuuunnnn February 15, 2009
Coricidan couch and cold like acid. called skittles, robo trip, poor mans X,
Im takein some of them triple c's that robo trip.
by Pat Mag July 03, 2006
coricidin cough and cold its a medicen with a drug called dextromethorphan hydrobromide 30 mg it gives you a badass trip kinda like magic mushrooms aka shroomz and x and acid like all put together lol fun as fuck
dude im tripping balls on the those fucking triple c's
by britclit October 09, 2006
the carol city cartel
rick ross and them triple c's!!!
by CUZZO August 05, 2006

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