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When you cum, puke and shit all at once, as seen on Misfits.
(John) So how was last night?
(Jack) Aww man, I got so drunk that I somehow managed to shit cum and puke at once!
(John) You managed to triple yourself? YUCK!
by mskc99 December 27, 2010
To defecate, piss yourself, and cum all at the same time. Popularized in movie The Misfits and is used to describe the physical reaction to serious, often nerdy, excitement and fan-hype.
Dude, when the new Call of Duty game was announced, I tripled myself!

I can't wait for the new Gorillaz album! I'm tripling myself thinking about it!

Dude, don't triple yourself over the new Transformers movie.
by Navalon March 25, 2011