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Simple congregruity of 'tri', meaning third and nipple. The correct adjective for a third nipple. Can be pronounced 'try-nipple' but 'trin-ipple' sounds funnier.
Ozzie: Hey, did you see Lily Allen whip out her trinipple?

Keith: No,

Ozzie: Yeah, it was almost down her stomach

Keith: What, like a dogs?

Ozzie: Yeah.

Keith: Does that mean she's part canine?

Ozzie: Hell yeah.

Keith: I'd wouldn't say no to fucking that.

Ozzie: But she wouldn't say yes to you. Dogs still have class. And you're her Dad

Keith: Oh, yeah, still would though. (They high-five eachother.)

Ozzie: (Under his breath) Prink.
by Sir Bartholomew McTavish September 01, 2008

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