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To prink (verb)

The art of pre-drinking at a friend's house in order to save money on a night out.
Sam: Town?
Warren: Nah, it's too expensive.
Sam: Don't be stupid, we can prink at mine and walk there.
by boizzz September 04, 2010
From the DVD extras od the UK film (Shaun Of The Dead). They use the word (prink) instead of prick to make the scene cleaner.
You fucking prink!
It's not Hiphop, it's electro.. Prink.
by Jordan January 07, 2005
A shortened version of predrinks. Easier to say and a heck of a lot more enjoyable.
Ok, so the plan is to go to town and we just need a location for prinks...

Yeah, he didn't even make it out, he got wasted at prinks!
by Livvy Liv. June 16, 2011
Comes from: "pre-drinks".

Sometimes perceived as a sophisticated social gathering one attends before they go out for a night on the town.
However, "prinking" is well-known Irish activity of getting so shit-faced and fucked up before you head for a night on the town/going to Mass/going to school/doing the weekly food shop, you practically end up shitting and vomming the gaff up on your way out the door.

This is the time and place where bitchez be bracin' themselves for a good time.
You comin' prinks tonight babes?

You prinkin' in Mary's before yer exam tomoz hun?
by WillyWanda May 24, 2011
A boy who has an obsession with princesses and thinks himself as a princess.
Guy - "Yo dude!"
Prink - "I just finished 'Cinderella'"
Guy - "You're such a prink!"
by AliceLovesBanter December 13, 2014
A prink is a cross between a prick, and a dink. Technically the same thing, however it sounds a little cleaner.
"Honey the van was vandalised by some little prink!"
by jamesl1979 January 19, 2009
Like "prude", but stronger and more self-righteous. Someone who tries to impose their prudish views on others.
1. John Ashcroft is a prink.
2. Can you believe it? The security prinks are searching our bookbags before letting us in the building!
by Billy Kessler September 04, 2003
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