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1.someone's girl you wish you could have

2. a hot chick that hangs with someone you know but you can't figure why
Jason is 45 years old and his trim is only 24!
by oregonian January 16, 2008
20 89
pussy; usually good.(clean, shaved, not used alot.
yo i heard there gonna be mad trim at that party this week.
by $PAZZ April 01, 2003
1636 288
1. (adj.) - slender, slim, lean.
2. (verb) - to remove excess, as in trimming a t-bone steak, or trimming hair.
3. (noun) - the leading edge on an aircraft's wings, even it's propellors.
4. (noun-slang) - a woman's naughty place. (Damn! Does it always have to be pussy? Probably won't ever get to the end of the definitions under pussy. I mean, I love it (pussy), but cripes! How about snatch, beaver, hot tuna, slippery lips, carpet hole, bearded clam, squeeze box, red riding-my-hood, wonder valley, glistening bliss hole; even the better hole, piping hot tulip or milky onion once in a while would be nice. ... Do you get that I'm messing with you? Go write definitions for those crazy synonyms!)
5. (noun-slang) - sexually, any woman, when one is seeking some sweet lovin' (As in: Couldn't get any trim tonight, huh, dumbass?)

also: trimmed, trimming, trims.
2, 5, 1 & 2 again - I trimmed the steak as I watched all the trim dance their trim butts off in the freshly trimmed yard.
3 & 4 - She slid her trim along the Gulfstream V's trim. I nearly barfed at the bizarre and highly infectious act of sexual lunacy.
by ringhorne July 27, 2005
433 329
pussy; vagina; and/ or ass
Yo, this chick gave me the bomb trim the other night.
by Ryanthedon September 20, 2005
323 229
noun. of or about a woman or women. General term for femaleness.
"Did you see that trim over there?"
response 1: "Yeah, she's pretty hot."
response 2: "Yeah, they were pretty hot."
by MadPsychologist September 14, 2009
86 120
cool,slang word,somthing awsome,PRO, evenly trim nice, Crump
dude that chicks trim
by uberpwn11234skill September 14, 2011
38 77
footwear of the rare and collectable range
check my new trims, Nike SB Slam Cities
by simon-says April 13, 2006
8 49
A three-way rimming session (see Rimjob), usually between men in a triangle formation, bringing intense pleasure to all.
Well seeing as there are three of us, why don't we just go for a trim?
by StrangleWheeeyyy December 15, 2011
52 97