footwear of the rare and collectable range
check my new trims, Nike SB Slam Cities
by simon-says April 13, 2006
cool,slang word,somthing awsome,PRO, evenly trim nice, Crump
dude that chicks trim
by uberpwn11234skill September 14, 2011
to get a hair cut
yo im going for a trim
by Sneaky J June 23, 2003
Hot, good-looking girls - also could mean a girl whose pussy is shaven - also look for "rim" - short for trim
"Yo, I walked into the club and saw mad trim / rim walking around"
by "Nasty" Natrone Means April 24, 2003
1.someone's girl you wish you could have

2. a hot chick that hangs with someone you know but you can't figure why
Jason is 45 years old and his trim is only 24!
by oregonian January 16, 2008
means when a boy is fit or proper nice looking,
oh man that boy is trim
by trimgirlxx September 02, 2007
A fucking pussy you idiot.
Looks like there's some good lookin' trim 'round here tonight.
by Stevie Y November 10, 2004

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