A three-way rimming session (see Rimjob), usually between men in a triangle formation, bringing intense pleasure to all.
Well seeing as there are three of us, why don't we just go for a trim?
by StrangleWheeeyyy December 15, 2011
A fucking pussy you idiot.
Looks like there's some good lookin' trim 'round here tonight.
by Stevie Y November 10, 2004
Hot, good-looking girls - also could mean a girl whose pussy is shaven - also look for "rim" - short for trim
"Yo, I walked into the club and saw mad trim / rim walking around"
by "Nasty" Natrone Means April 24, 2003
1.someone's girl you wish you could have

2. a hot chick that hangs with someone you know but you can't figure why
Jason is 45 years old and his trim is only 24!
by oregonian January 16, 2008
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