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A kick ass Instant Messaging program. Combines ICQ, AIM, YAHOO, IRC, and MSN. See
by IdleChill September 01, 2003
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An instant messaging program that allows you to chat to people using ICQ, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, IRC, and MSN Messenger simultaneously. It is considered to be the United Nations of chatting.
I am talking to my cousin on MSN Messenger and my other cousin on IRC at the same time with Trillian.
by Pejhman January 26, 2005
charicter in the book a hitchhikers guide to the universe for which the messaging service is named for
read the book for an example
by adam February 27, 2005
Tricia McMillan. Popular female character in the Hitchhiker's guide series. Mother to Arthur Dent's child, Random.
Trillian is on hot and froody chick.
by Jonathan May 31, 2005
online chatprogram combines ICQ, AIM, MSN, IRC, YAHOO all together
I am on Trillian right now
by PN June 16, 2004
An Instant Messaging program. Runs ICQ, AIM, YAHOO, IRC, and MSN in one window
is very usefull.
1: hey did you download your copy of trillian?
2: yes, but dont use it for yahoo, yahoo erases your ID if you connect through trillian (actually true)
by Rasta-Clat November 14, 2004
Sweetheart but filled with constant inner turmoil, mysterious but beautiful. Constantly searching for her place in life, is a complete people pleaser. Princess in life and movie, see above definitions. To know her is to know she always gets her way, because people want to please her not because she is forceful or snotty. A very good lover, a little dirty but you would never know it. Good body, great butt, beautiful eyes, blonde is best on this princess. Guys fall in love with her easily if not careful, which leaves her feeling guilty. Loves to dance and overall relaxed, struggles with illness but again you would never know. Doesn't like drugs but can handle alcohol very well, vodka girl. Overly honest. Has good angels that watch over her. Hope this helps you figure her out...
Hey, have you seen Trillian?

Yeah, princess is over there by the vodka but be careful you can never really know her.

Don't worry dude, already learned my lesson. She is a sweetie but no one can have her really, she is uncontrollable.
by blondetrillian May 27, 2009
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