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to go on a date and invite a friend to tag along. said friend would be a trike, or trikin' it.
Nassim: yo john, you wanna come with me and claire to steak and shake?
John: whoa man, is there gonna be another girl, or am i gonna be the trike?
by jonbloodwort January 09, 2011
A popular new sex position originating from New Zealand in which the female ride's the male's penis as if she were riding a tricycle.
Guy 1: "heard you had a good time with Maddy last night"

Guy 2: "Yeah man, she rode me like a trike!"

Guy 1: "That's awesome, I might take up triking myself"
by naughtyhoge February 19, 2014
a thing that niglets steal form little white kids
dam niglet stole my trike
by lolzs July 10, 2008
A person who lives off their rich partner, constantly engaged with intercourse, and adds the letter 'Y' to the end of their name. This person is also known as hum-sup.
I am so jealous of that Trike, he lives in paradise even though he is modest saying he isn't.
by Lam N April 11, 2008
A mix of a troll and a mean ugly dike (Butch Lesbian)
Hey Lisa, I know you are gay, but can you quit acting like a TRIKE!
by Nathan Feeney October 13, 2007
This use of the word is reminisent of or our sweety J.R. Shes is a three timing chick. As each wheel of love was added, we ended up with a trike.
Yo, Evan, are you going to make that bike a trike?
by SMB November 16, 2004