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Possibly the most annoying word ever invented by college basketball commentators/ slang for the three point shot.
"He goes for the trifector...but hes not J.J. Reddick, so he won't make it"
by Lancefur March 25, 2007
One In the Butt one In the Cunt, one on the clit.
Johnny stuck his three fingers in Lucy screamed what was that!! Thats A Trifector
by Mollybaby April 03, 2007
When ushering in church, a trifector is formed as a pleasant posture of security when assisting a person hit by the spirit. A trifector is built by three dedicated individuals who's sole ambition is to assist and protect the well-being of a person that is convulsing. When building a trifector the three assisting individuals (or trained and certified ushers) must hold hands tightly locking wrist to ensure restricted space for the person convulsing. Although not fully certified, casual members may form a trifector to assist when the service is wild and there arent enough certified ushers to assist convulsing individuals.
She caught the spirit and therefore we built a trifector around her to protect her head from hitting the church walls!
by Prophetess J October 07, 2012
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