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A situation which can lead to a disastorous outcome, normally intitated by someone who dislikes you.
My ex girlfriend called my mom and told her a bunch of lies. She's trying to put me in a trick bag.
by I lived it June 03, 2006
A scheme, manipulation, or situation that seemed legitimate, honest and/or innocent, at first. Usually referred to at time when it may or may not be too late to avoid the full consequences and/or embarrassment.
“My mortgage ended up a lot more expensive than they implied. The bank put me in a ‘trick bag’, but I had already moved my family in.”
by Lite Yagami May 13, 2009
Bad situation. Sticky situation. Getting yourself in a situation that is not good, complex, or can lead to bad things. Getting in a heap of trouble.
You took that gangsta's girlfriend? Boy, you in a trick bag now.
by Racindrew June 03, 2006
(prison use) A situation where one prisoner attempts to frame, set up, blackmail, extort, or abuse another weaker inmate, usually through seemingly innocent acts or requests
Marcus got Jeff in a real trick bag, got him to carry those drugs and then informed on him.
by Lt. Commander Data December 04, 2008
a term originating in northern california "santa rosa" refers to the act of purposely trying to deceive someone.
she lied about where she was shes trying to trickbag me. Or that dude trickbagged me and gave me the wrong change
by Rock'n'Well August 11, 2010
(political use) A situation where one political party or politician frames, sets up, blackmails, extorts, or abuses another political party, or politician(s) through a series of seemingly innocent acts, requests or compromises.
Mr. Speaker, President Obama has put us in a trick-bag with our NATO allies.

Another Republican trick-bag includes considering the destruction of the American credit rating and possibly manufacturing a depression so that Obama can be blamed.
by hitek vagabond August 02, 2011
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