1) A squirrel that instinctively hides many nuts and forgets where they are.

2) One who is awful at fantasy baseball, always opting for the darker-skinned players in an attempt to gain acceptance into that culture.

3) A total butt truck, catcher, and all-around fruity person.
Joe: Have you checked the baseball standings yet?

Mike: Yeah, can you believe he dropped another 30 points in one day? What a treutler
by Mitt Vullo July 10, 2008
Top Definition
A squirrel of homosexual orientation who likes to collect and stash many nuts for later consumption. Sometimes mistakes nuts for a grown man's testicles resulting in abuse and a lawsuit. When not concentrating on nuts, is known to lurk ominously/curiously around preschool playground/janitor closets/girls bathrooms. Always seems to be in a bad/defensive mood probably due to lack of penis girth.
"Wow dude did you see how that jackass was actin..."

"yea son he was bein a total treutler"
by Nick marinara sauce September 13, 2007
dude who sucks maaaad d
Look at those bruised knees! What a Treutler!
by Bigizzle Nigizzle February 05, 2008

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