sammys word not emmas it means very in french
sam is tre cool and emm is tre not but it is sams word so he wins
by bobskeoner August 18, 2008
Skateboarder abbreviation for 360 Flip. Also known as a tre flip.
In the May 2005 Transworld skateboarder magazine, a really cool guy did a tre down a huge double set.
by Ricky Benda May 24, 2005
TRE is an acronym for Thomas Red Eyes. It is an assembly of people that came together for one cause. The Organization was founded upon one eventful night. The only way to be inducted into the league is by being offered membership my one of the founding members. Once inducted the person is a member for life. The organization is an activist group that advocates the medicinal & recreational use of cannabis sativa. In hopes of searching the deep tenches of the mind that man may on day be in tuned with one's self
John: have you heard of TRE?
Bill: yes i have, the're some sort of organization right?
by April 23, 2011
awesomenessss kid you will EVER meet. i love him very much. he's my 'daddy' lol ;) tre i love ya.
by hc9-whore. lol May 04, 2009
Used as a prefix. Means "very."
That kid breakdancing was tré cool. In fact, he was so awesome I want to have his babies.
by Cheesy13 August 18, 2005
Green day drummer. Totally awesome. Can beat the crap outta a drum kit. needs praising. and fucking. by me.
Tre is awesome- green day is awesome. im gonna have a steamy affair with billie-Joe to make him split with his wife.... or i could just seduce one of his equally smexy sons *cheeky smile*
by ~6 feet from the edge~ July 08, 2005
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