when someone makes designs or randomly guesses while taking a bubble in (standardized) test.

Dude, i can't believe you are treeing that test! That is worth 5 percent of our grade.
by tayderrox5252 March 06, 2009
Top Definition
In tennis the term "treeing" refers to the act of hitting every ball as hard as you can, going for winners at inappropriate times, and/or playing in such a way that depicts oneself to be playing without an essence of strategy.
Joe won the match against the one seed, but he was treeing out of his mind.
by T-money Allen May 17, 2009
A masturbating session.
I was treeing in the shower, then my grandma came in.
by steph eph July 24, 2006
the act of being a pedofile
Sean was really treeing it up today at Meadow.
by Anonymous1241230948230945 May 02, 2008
(verb) Navigating down a hierarchical structure, usually computer files and directories.
I was treeing to the good pictures, and the computer locked up.
by Scrivener July 04, 2006
When someone lies hardcore all the time. They like to walk tall aka they are treeing
Man, yesterday I caught Matt treeing so hard when he told me he street raced some guy and won.
by Jackmany July 23, 2009
trying to pick up a girl, hitting on a girl
Look at Dave, He's treeing Jenny
by Sweet Shorty Swoll August 26, 2006

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