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What to call broccolito get your kids to eat it.
Dad: You want some broccoli?
Kid: No! I want TREES
by DCS December 24, 2005
15 points in dominos
(slamming domino onto the table) Trees for my house.
by Marshall Hopkins June 10, 2004
A new word for boobs.
My trees are blossoming today.

What nice trees she has.
by ajlsfjlk June 17, 2008
a pair of Timberland boots (hence the tree label)
I'm gonna khop some trees. They gon' cost me a buck 10.
by anonymous December 22, 2004
The word tree means "weed"(loud,med)
Ay nigga you got that tree said Sam.
by kincaidc1 August 22, 2014