15 points in dominos
(slamming domino onto the table) Trees for my house.
by Marshall Hopkins June 10, 2004
A new word for boobs.
My trees are blossoming today.

What nice trees she has.
by ajlsfjlk June 17, 2008
a pair of Timberland boots (hence the tree label)
I'm gonna khop some trees. They gon' cost me a buck 10.
by anonymous December 22, 2004
A stick with a bush on top.
Did you see that TREE today?
by koalasarebetterthanyou March 28, 2015
hey man im trying to buy some tree can you hook me
by stonerbaaabe February 14, 2015
The word tree means "weed"(loud,med)
Ay nigga you got that tree said Sam.
by kincaidc1 August 22, 2014

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