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A large female.

Origin - If tree branches are shaking as an alligator hunter approaches his or her bait tree, it usually means a large alligator has been hooked. The term is used heavily by Troy on the History Channel series Swamp People.
Drunk Guy #1: Damn, look at that fine girl over there. I'm taking her home.

Drunk Guy #2: WTF? Now, I know you're drunk. She is a tree shaker!
by Sparky J. September 21, 2010
A big Alligator that is located in the Louisiana Swamp. When they are tied up on a line connected to a tree, they shake the tree.

This phrase comes from the TV show, "Swamp People".
Oouuuu Weeeee!! thats a big tree shaker over der on dat tree ya!!
by Xsile7 September 03, 2010
1) Those from Mexican or other minority backgrounds who are in the United States illegally and are paid slave wages to shake fruit (primarily apples) from trees in order to avoid the strenuous picking process.
"I'm going to need 50 tree shakers to harvest my apples this year"
"Yo trabajo as un tree shaker for to send dinero back to familia en Mexico y buy Corona."