(also known as $3.50)For all you people that watch South Park its what you don’t want to give that girl scout because its about that time you'll realize that’s not a girl scout that’s the lock ness monster and he'll keep coming back for more.
"what do you want lock ness monster" "i need about tree fitty"
by the Klave January 16, 2007
Top Definition
three dollars and fifty cents. the amount of money that goddamn lochness monster wants.
that goddamn lochness monster wants tree fitty again!
by jeexlabs.com March 26, 2003
three dollars and fifty cents. (south park)
I need ha bout tree fitty.
by Spicy McHaggis December 25, 2002
1) The amount of $3.50
2) Slang used as a personal reference to something borrowed, whether it involved tree fitty or not-used to confuse others
3) Random saying used to confuse others
Word: Yo, G! You gots mah tree fitty?!
G: Hell naw, aint gotcho tree fitty! You still owe me two sentyfive
Word: I don't kay i owe you two sentyfive, you still owe me tree fitty!
by Tatsukage November 25, 2004
3:50 a.m. or p.m.
What time is it?
The time is 3:50 in the morning.
by Chelsea February 12, 2004
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