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A derogatory name for someone of African heritage which denotes them as monkey-like , hence a tree climber.
Walter: "Shit David, who stole your car and killed that baby with a cinder block"
David: "I dunno, I think it was a tree climber"
Walter: "That's racially insensitive"

Col. Bluford was the first tree climber in space.

Look at all those tree climbers shuckin' and jivin' outside that night club.

I once saw a tree climber eat an entire cantaloupe in one bite.
by C. Gracki June 01, 2005
A short guy (5'4-5'9) who dates a taller woman
I don't mind a taller woman, I'm a tree climber
by SAJ91 May 02, 2016
Fingernails on a person that are excessively long, as to allow one to climb a tree, by digging thier nails into it.
wow!those are some nice tree climbers you have, can you pick me some coconuts while your up there?
by Timmy E. June 18, 2008
A discrerte way to say that you are going out to "climb trees" or in other words, to have sex in a tree house.
Kaija said she would have been a "Tree Climber" with ted but max went outside and stayed out there, resulting in him being a cock blocker.
by I3renton January 10, 2012
the act of doing a wall climber against a tree.

see wall climber
'o man, there's no walls around to do climbers'
'no worries, we'll use this tree and do tree climbers instead'
by Tucker_ver.3.0 April 11, 2007
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