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when somethign bad happens its considered a travesty
when avi finkiel was born it was a travesty
by sharir January 04, 2008
16 25
A name for a man that is sexy to a woman but unfortunately for the attracted woman swings the other way.
"Check out the hot guy in the 3-piece suit!"

"Forget about it, he's a travesty."

"No way! He's gay? That's so not fair, I wanted to make a baby with that hottie."
by Naughtia August 03, 2009
2 13
me, im the coolest guy ever
Hey look its travesty, hes the coolest guy in rivers!!
by Travis Froese February 14, 2006
1 17
an extremely large (Magnum XL Black or Gold or larger) male genitalia.
Girl, Matt had such a TRAVESTY!
by Rita March 27, 2005
2 29