A name for a man that is sexy to a woman but unfortunately for the attracted woman swings the other way.
"Check out the hot guy in the 3-piece suit!"

"Forget about it, he's a travesty."

"No way! He's gay? That's so not fair, I wanted to make a baby with that hottie."
by Naughtia August 03, 2009
when somethign bad happens its considered a travesty
when avi finkiel was born it was a travesty
by sharir January 04, 2008
me, im the coolest guy ever
Hey look its travesty, hes the coolest guy in rivers!!
by Travis Froese February 14, 2006
an extremely large (Magnum XL Black or Gold or larger) male genitalia.
Girl, Matt had such a TRAVESTY!
by Rita March 27, 2005

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