pikeys, gypsies, a clever way of allowing hostelry owners etc. to hang racist signs without actually being racist.
"quick Alec" screamed his young friend. "get that 'NO TRAVELLERS' sign up, here come a load of gippoes."
gippo - "gravel yur droive zur?"
alec - "ckoff!"
by theWestHamfan November 11, 2003
Noun: Simiar to Road Rocket. An Alcoholic beverage consumed in route to an event or place where other alcoholic beverages will be consumed
"Laske, do you want a traveller for the ride to the Cotton Bowl?"
by _salesman_ May 06, 2005
The inept way of spelling "travelers"
Travellers inn open for KNY

We are open for KNY and i can't spell worth a shit
by Saloth Sar April 11, 2011
a person that travels around with a phaser
The traveller kills a person with his phaser
by Zioner January 25, 2005

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