The environmentally-friendly enterpreneurial endeavor of picking up household crap others have hauled to the curb such as old TV's, sofas, tables, chairs, appliances, dressers, bookcases, floor lamps and mattresses and selling them in the trasher's front yard, thereby recycling for profit.
Q: "I heard you got laid off last year. That really sucks. What are you going to do?"
A: "My unemployment ran out and nobody's hiring. I'm trashing now. I'm my own boss, and as long as I call it a yard sale the zoning board doesn't bother me."
by GreekDena54 July 23, 2009
Top Definition
Going through dumpsters and/or trash cans looking for interesting stuff that was thrown out, like credit card carbons (when they were still used) personal or financial information about someone or a certain company, old computer parts, telephone manuals, etc...
I went trashing at Ma Bell and found out why red boxing works
by Phender August 19, 2003
A rougher form of moshing often found at punk concerts
I'm sore today from trashing at the show last night
by JulesVictim March 17, 2008

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