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The act of obtaining someone else's credit card information, by either trashing which hardly works anymore, or hacking an online store, or simply looking at someone else's card and writing down it's number and exp. date. Once the card info is obtained the person doing the carding will usually have a drop point (an empty house or building) and have the items ordered with the credit card shipped there to make the whole act pretty untraceable.
I'm carding a phat new laptop computer.
by Phender August 05, 2003
Going through dumpsters and/or trash cans looking for interesting stuff that was thrown out, like credit card carbons (when they were still used) personal or financial information about someone or a certain company, old computer parts, telephone manuals, etc...
I went trashing at Ma Bell and found out why red boxing works
by Phender August 19, 2003

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