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Pronunciation: ‘tra-shik
Function: adjective
Etymology: “tragic” (adj.) from Middle English, from Latin “tragicus,” from Greek “tragikos,” irregular from “tragOidia” tragedy + “trashy” (adj.) "worthless" first attested 1620, from “trash”
of Scandinavian origin; akin to Norwegian “trask” trash; akin to Old Norse “tros” fallen leaves and twigs, Old English “trus”
1 : a regrettable act that is seriously deplorable, having resemblance to everything that is of inferior quality <a trashic performance>
2 : exciting or deserving hatred or repugnance, while having a capacity to move one to compassionate pity <a trashic outfit>
- trash•i•cal•ly /-shi-k(&-)lE/ adverb
Shaniquah: Girl, I don't know what's more trashic, Tonya Harding on FOX's "Celebrity Boxing" or Mariah Scary's acting in "Clitter."
Bonqwisha: Mariah acts?
Shaniquah: She axed what?
Bonqwisha: Huh? What she axed?
Shaniquah: What?
Bonqwisha: Girl, you trippin'. You the one who said she axed somethin' or somebody.
Shaniquah: Whatevah!
by Sean R Sotelo January 10, 2006