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Noun: An undesirable person or object that is unwanted and rejected.

Adjective: Used to describe someone's repulsiveness. (For lack of better words)
Example 1: "Hey Jim! How was your date?"

Jim: "Dude... She was a straight up trashboat. I couldn't even eat."

Example 2: "Don't bring that trashboat to my party bro, or I'll fuck your sister."
by Bigtree June 27, 2012
An individual who is down to do all the drugs all of the time despite not appearing to be so inclined. May have taken meth one time but you would never be able to tell by simply looking. Always the last one to crash out at parties despite usually being the one to consume the most drugs.
Turns out (blank) is an absolute fucking trashboat, last night I saw them drop acid after drinking 12 pints at the pub.
by Cassius32 January 11, 2016
When you wake up at 6:30am and find yourself wearing nothing but very small underwear and a time bomb, you suddenly realize your in a trashboat.
Oh no my friends tricked me and now I'm on a trashboat.
by Jamezisboss March 18, 2015
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