Any person who lacks general class & hygiene. People who are constantly saying the word "fuckin" before every thought. Also any person who talks about past parties non-stop in an attempt to show who can "out trash" one another. Any person who throws up the hand loose sign during pictures at social events, and anyone who worships Bob Marley. Other Examples:Box died hair, ripped up tee-shirts, anything with Rastafarian colors on it, Smoking cigarettes, talking about how many bongs you own, drinking and driving, drinking tickets, wearing pajama pants/ratty sweat pants in public, talking about what "bitch's" ass your going to whoop next loudly in public, Smirnoff, Lip rings, Hemp necklaces with Mushroom charms, Tee-shirts with pot leaves on them, stealing, wife beaters, dirty shoes, greasy hair, Lack of proper pronunciation or words such as that, "dat", you "chu" saying I dont give a fuck, parties with people who have all of theese qualities, and anyone who got offended by this.
I saw you doing a beer bong at a party surrounded by people who kept saying fuck yeah dude, and I don't give a fuck. Your trash.
by TrashMaster10 November 30, 2010
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When your entire reason of existing is a certain thing, you are ____ trash. More obsessed than a fan, but not a stan.
"Have you seen Jamie's tumblr? It's literally all Phan, she is such Phan trash."
by Ukuleler September 07, 2015
a term for a person who is dirty and stupid. often the same as whitetrash, but any race can be trash
That kid poncho is a retarded peice of trash
by slopass December 12, 2002
Something to be used and discarded. An object that is treated such as trash. Junk, crap, shit. Basically anything that is worth nothing.
Why do broads treat me like trash? Do i deserve it?
by Mr. Vitale December 06, 2007
Nash Grier
A boy who is racist, homophobic and horrid to his followers on social media.
Liv: Who's that guy, the horrid, trashy one.
Harriet: Nash Grier
by 123456789097654321``` January 25, 2015
To beat someone in a game or competition, completely destroying, owning, or shutting them out.
Rob: Yo Byron I bet you can't see me in Madden!
Byron: Motha fucka I will trash you.
by SystemF December 20, 2006
New York's hottest club is TRASH. This meat packing hot spot includes Pierre, the Muslim Elvis impersonator; clones; freaks; sneezing; a Russian man on a prepaid cell phone; and there's no password! All you have to do is do the "Cosby face!"
Seth Meyers: Where's a good place to take my family over the weekend?
Stefon: New York's hottest club is TRASH!
Seth Meyers: ...
by LMG123 November 23, 2010
Have you heard Ke$ha's new song? It's about being promiscuous, drinking lots of alcohol and just being trash.
by everyone's thinking it July 30, 2010
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