trash is something that gets picked up
jersey girls aint trash. trash gets picked up!
by dopeman_4_420 August 24, 2006
the crappy janitor character from the PS game "slap happy rhythm busters"
hey trash, clean up this freakin mess.
by pipe March 15, 2003
Nash Grier
A boy who is racist, homophobic and horrid to his followers on social media.
Liv: Who's that guy, the horrid, trashy one.
Harriet: Nash Grier
by 123456789097654321``` January 25, 2015
Rubbish, unwanted waste, Nash Grier, Magcon, unnecessary items, no longer wanted waste
"What's the guy who looks like he has a pencil up his butt"
"Trash Grier, I think"
by Handle1234 September 29, 2014

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