see "scovel" and/or see garbage
Eileen / Brittany are trash
by Itsa Secret March 21, 2007
Any person who lacks general class & hygiene. People who are constantly saying the word "fuckin" before every thought. Also any person who talks about past parties non-stop in an attempt to show who can "out trash" one another. Any person who throws up the hand loose sign during pictures at social events, and anyone who worships Bob Marley. Other Examples:Box died hair, ripped up tee-shirts, anything with Rastafarian colors on it, Smoking cigarettes, talking about how many bongs you own, drinking and driving, drinking tickets, wearing pajama pants/ratty sweat pants in public, talking about what "bitch's" ass your going to whoop next loudly in public, Smirnoff, Lip rings, Hemp necklaces with Mushroom charms, Tee-shirts with pot leaves on them, stealing, wife beaters, dirty shoes, greasy hair, Lack of proper pronunciation or words such as that, "dat", you "chu" saying I dont give a fuck, parties with people who have all of theese qualities, and anyone who got offended by this.
I saw you doing a beer bong at a party surrounded by people who kept saying fuck yeah dude, and I don't give a fuck. Your trash.
by TrashMaster10 November 30, 2010
Malik, a black child who believes MW2 Hardcore Sabotage is trash.
"I'm playing MW2 Hardcore Sabotage!"-me.

"That's trash!"-Malik.
by anonymousniggga July 24, 2011
Shit, stuff, things, objects, gear, equipment, article, gadget, matter, item, device, existent, feature, situation, action, something, substance, symbol, activity, movement, work, stroke, thrust, maneuver, operation, crap, art, sports, war, acheivements, idea, music, shoe or shoelace, apparel, birth control, weapon, colors, cloth, laundry, bodily fluids, spills, chairs, tables, whatchamacallit, junk, matter, private parts, dohickey, paper: Trash can also be used as a curse word... pretty much anything.
"What the trash?" "Bring that trash over here." "I don't like doing that trash." "What is that trash you are listening to?" "Grab your trash and put it in the back of the Humvee!"
by Sgt Hard-dog August 15, 2006
someone who smells like shit, looks like shit and comes from a smelly home town
oh look over there, its TRASH! can u smell 'im? oh my god he's smelling like bin juice!
by alycerhodes August 17, 2007
Male genitals, package.
The boy in left field took a grounder right to his trash.
by Joe I September 01, 2006
trash is something that gets picked up
jersey girls aint trash. trash gets picked up!
by dopeman_4_420 August 24, 2006

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