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Look there's trash all around me
by TwistyTheLlama April 07, 2016
Trash is a term used by some people to describe; People who aren't worth the time they require or What you put out on a weekday.
Idiot "Hey fatso go eat a salad"
Friend of the dubbed "Fatso"
"Just ignore him, he's nout but trash"
by Teen Melancholic August 17, 2009
Trash, white trash, ghetto people...often loud, obnoxious, unintelligent, using improper English, and causing some kind of a ruckus or scene. Ideally this term is said with a New York accent, from where it originated.
Bob: I can't believe my girl cheated on me man!

Tony: Fuck that girl, bro, she's T-rash!!
by J3553 May 28, 2008
A garbage "shitter" aka Bronze troll.
Tyler called Brandon trash for setting up an African relief camp in the bottom lane.
by Mufasa420 February 16, 2015
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