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term used to describe a very attractive, under-aged person with which one would have sex.
Roommate 1: "Would you tap this chick?"

Roommate 2: "Yeah bro, duh."

Roommate 1: "Hold on, let me reach in my pocket and pull out a TRAP CARD!"
by bamboozleU October 25, 2010
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the deadly trap card! people use this as a lure and trick there friends/foes to clicking it. charbz k0 is indeed the #1 trap carder. chris kb's him for this.
charbz k0: sup ut look at dis *link*
UT: OMG trap card sad kb time
by jameiei February 20, 2009
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The 1 and only Deathify can achieve this, as his prowess over mortal beings is about god-like status. K.
Deathify: OMFG look at this pro pk WOOT. Guy: *clicks link* WDF??? Deathify: GF.(trap-card)
by burkina faso February 26, 2009
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