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a really big sandwich. with a lot of meat.

bread, cheese, ham, tomato, fried chicken, one piece of lettuce, turkey, pastrami, cheese, bread, cheese, tuna, salami, mustard, egg salad, bacon (if available), onion, cheese, bread. among other things.
i ate a tranwich the other day for lunch and there was enough meat in there to make a vegetarian jump in front of a bus.
by jon October 28, 2004
What you get when a transsexual male tucks, tapes, or lashes his penis back sandwiching it between his legs. This word is where the affectionate term for a large meaty sandwich originiates, i.e. to have a lot of meat tucked between two buns.
Jason was about to hook up with a hot chick from the club but luckily as (s)he bent down he spotted her tranwich and quickly bolted.
by Commonsinse February 14, 2006
Transexual sandwhich.
Effeminate sandwhich.
sandwhich which is said to be unmanly e.g. Prawn sandwhiches.
From Trans(exual)and (sand)which
Dude You're eating a tranwhich. You're gay.
by Phillip February 10, 2005
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