1.) A Southerner during the 1860s. Especially those rebels who served in the Confederate armies. Even today, some Southerners are traitors. See Rebel Flag and Civil War.
2.) Modern-day liberals who protest wars, claim to support the troops while hating the president, those who voted for him, and also hating Christianity. See hippie and Bush-basher.
3.) Anyone who commits treason; betraying one's nation or a group through switching allegiances, seceding, attacking, slandering, threatening, or sabotaging said nation or group.
At the time of the Civil War, many Southerners were called Secesh by those in the North; a slang word meaning "someone who seceded (broke away) from the Union" or "traitor".
So many liberals, but not all, spew so much treasonous, anti-american hatred.
by Union Soldier March 19, 2005
1. Anyone who purchases a foreign vehicle, usually these are just morons who want to be cool but if they actually stopped to think about things they would realize that when you buy foreign all you do is hurt your own country's economy. (See also Bastard, Douche bag etc.)

2. People who are offended by their own country's flag.

3. People who commit treason.
1.John: Did you hear Billy just bought a Toyota?

Dave: Really? I always knew he was a traitor.

2. Steve: The guy who owns the gym I went to just put up a 42' American Flag. I immediatly stormed into the office and filed a complaint because that flag offended me.

Nathan: You traitor.
by Mr. Figg November 07, 2009

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