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The most selfless of the Protoss race. Sacrificing himself to save his failing race and destroy another. Later it was realized that his effort was in vain.
As he gathered his energies around him, he managed to syphon it all into one single blast directly into the being that was the Overmind...
by Tassadar March 15, 2005
"pönern" is to pwn an opponet really hard, its a kind of austrian slang and was introduced by ]D/Z-flake-.

"pönern" was originally discovered while playing dota (WarCraft 3 funmap) and is pretty popular in the austrian dota scene.
Oh my god pretty nice pöneraction mates!
Lets pöner this hero!
KADS.burton gets his arse pönered hard!
by Tassadar December 08, 2004
Most definitely does not fit the description of his tag, work well with the team and fills any position that is asked of him. Would never think of playing against his team on the other side.|NFH| flags are always flown in his house, along with america.
Traitor just took himself out with those exppacks, but he got that asshat who stole the flag.

Traitor flew into the ground on that bomb run, but he got the asshat who stole our flag...
by Tassadar March 16, 2005
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