Synonym for being "burned" or "geighed".

1) an expression used when someone had a negative past experience
Man, you got trained by that bitch!
by brian leroux October 13, 2005
Top Definition
The process in which an individual (in particular you hoes out there) is hand fed a number of different trouser snakes in succession!!! (i.e. gangbang)
That slut got trained by me and five of my closest homies and she loved every minute of it biyatch!!!!
by THe F-Bomber May 21, 2004
getting stopped by a train when you are in a hurry
Doug got trained on his way to work yesterday.
by 3MTA3 January 28, 2006
To shake the bed/bunk/slleping bag while someone is slepping, and shine a flashlight in their face until they wake up. Train noises are sometimes made too.

Trainign is usually done in cabins at an overnight campsite.
No one got any sleep, cus we trained the whole cabin!
by Evil wolf November 22, 2006
result of an act of jealousy whereas someone pulls a train over your entire raid. see also COS
COS just trained your ass!
by a dawg March 27, 2004
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